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I am a style and lifestyle strategist. My 30 years in the fashion industry has allowed me to gain an extensive understanding of women and what the advantages of knowing your personal style can be. I am a mother, a wife, a friend, a full-time fashion designer and creative. These aspects put me in the same boat as so many women, and makes me no stranger to the challenges faced everyday. My goal is to help women find their identities once again by means of a three word description, that captures the essence of each individual woman and their personal style. By focusing on what you are, rather than what you are not, you will learn so much about yourself and finally be able to feel confident in your own skin. I enjoy focusing on “what you love and not what loves you.” I am so excited to work with you and to help you transform your life into a life that you feel beautiful, fulfilled and more than enough to be in. This is the power of feeling confident in your own skin and personal style. Are you ready to embark on this journey with me?

Align your style with
your natural beauty

3 Signature Style Profile
Closet Cleanse and Wardrobe Makeover
Personal Styling (VIP half and full days)
Talks and Workshops
Personal Shopping

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Find out what your primary style is and feel confident, energised and lighter when you dress in your true essence

As you recognise yourself in your primary style type, you’ll start to…

  • See why many of your so-called flaws are actually strengths.
  • Experience more confidence in just being yourself.
  • Enjoy happier, more harmonious relationships.
Knowing how to dress true to who you really are at your core will not only deepen your relationship with yourself, but in all areas of your life. 

Not only will you feel more confident and alive inside – but you beauty will show up on the outside. 

Happy Clients


When Lynn profiled my unique signature style as “luxury, boho chic and sexy” I totally resonated with everything except the sexy. Booking my “clear out my closet” was the best thing I ever did, to see where I was completely missing the sexy as avoiding attention. I had sexy clothes I had loved when I bought them and then never wore. Now that I embracing the “sexy” as loving my own sensuality, I feel more me, that I can be soft and powerful in how I show up with people. I spend a lot of my time working with animals who don’t care what I look like, its all about how they feel, so now I know what element I was missing, I am having way more fun when I do show up with people in my authentic truth. The whole experience has brought a deeper connection with my inner and outer world and Lynn provides that bridge by dressing your authentic truth.

Sarah-Jane Farrell

Life & Business Coach | Animal Communicator & Healer, Sarah-Jane Farrell Access Your True Nature

Having the styling experience with Lynn Deckers is an incredible experience. After creating a story board with the styling concepts I had in mind Lynn was able to take the story board and translate it into something that only an exceptional designer and stylist with a phenomenal eye can do. Lynn knows how to style and bring out the greatest confidence in one’s self. I really felt that the experience and attention to every part of the styling process was an amazing journey matching style to personality and transforming me into something amazing. I think and know for me that attention to detail it’s not all about the clothes but matching personality and the bespoke care given to me as client is something that makes the experience unique and personal. Thank you Lynn for the love and attention you gave to me and made the whole styling experience special and magical

Kerrin Black

Entrepreneur , Talent Finders

I just want to thank Lynn for the remarkable style make-over. She has a keen eye, and a special talent to suggests a fantastic array of clothing items to make you feel truly beautiful. I am now also able to better understand my own personal brand, and challenge some of the assumptions I had about what works on me and what doesn’t. Lynn encouraged me to make decisions about clothing options and mixing combinations that I had not tried before – with amazing results. Lynn is a real treasure and an inspiration – not only how she helps women feel beautiful on the outside, but to help them realise their beauty come from the inside as well. I would recommend Lynn without hesitation – is has an extraordinary ability to understand her clients and to let their unique qualities shine!

Stefanie Bosman

Director | Founder, Cosmic Pets